We are re-building our website.......

We are not just re-building the site, we are hiring new talent.

We are currently looking for Computer Science/IT Students for attachment to work on real projects and kickstart their careers.

We are also looking for a Project Marketing Manager:

Description of Role

Responsible for soliciting new ICT projects in software development, associated training opportunities, and marketing the current projects portfolio for HITRAC. They will report to the Principal Investigator.


Proven experience in project management especially ICT based projects.
A self starter who is willing to take risk
Results oriented person with a keen sense of seeing opportunities
Must have ideas on revolutionising ICT for better economic value
Must be a good writer in proposals
Must be willing to work under pressure
Must believe in an idea, commit to it and follow it through.
Proven leadership and team-building skills.
Must be willing to work overtime and adapt to changing environments


Soliciting for more opportunities based on the existing skills set.
Monitor gaps in our projects and identify mitigation strategies at the earliest convenience
Assist with writing proposals for the various opportunities identified.
Provide ideas on how best to carry all the various opportunities forward.
To ensure there is efficient utilisation of the Human Resources available.
Reach out to the targeted customer of the existing projects portfolio

How to apply
Please do not send CVs.
Send a one page summary of yourself, qualification, and how you believe you can contribute towards this post.


This is an output based post. HITRAC will provide a salary of not more than USD1,000. It will be reviewed based on agreed deliverables and return on investment.

If you are interested, email to: careers@hitrac.co.zw

Deadline for applications: 23 August 2016.

Successful candidates will start on: 1st September 2016.